June 2, 2009

Mini Vacation was needed!


Im back! Brent, Aiden and I went on a mini very quick unplanned trip to Woodridge IL...mainly for the Wilton Tent sale that started on Friday (and YES I braved the first day ;)

It was my first year to go and it was crazy but a great experience along the way!! The sale was so busy when we went and heres why I believe..

A.) They didnt have this last year

B.) Great deals

C.) More scrapbooking items like EK success, Jolies and Martha...so not just bakers anymore


I had a BLAST and got ALOT of stuff....I wont eve mention the price here because I am ashamed but let me tell you..I did save ALOT of $$$$ and it is things I will all use....I guess my total is so expensive because I got ALOT of cake pans (like 10 or so...)...wanna see the loot?? I think Aiden loves it more than I do....anything he can reach he believes was made for him to be his toy!

You cant even see everything....we had a blast though!!! I cant believe Aiden will be 9 months and hes already been to Mardi Gras, Gulf Shores, Chicago, and in many states!!
Anways..I have LOTS of pics to show and cake pictures..but I will save those for another day!!!

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