April 10, 2009

Quiet...I love it

Today has been a great day so far. This morning I woke up and Aiden and Brent were gone....I didnt really panic because he was sweet enough to leave a note ;)
They left so I could sleep in and have an hour or so to myself this morning.....I chose to do cards!!
When they came home..Aiden had a single rose in his sweet little hand for me, I loved it!!! SO CUTE!!! I seriously have one of the best husbands E V E R!!
This is one of the cards I made...the eyes are googly eyes!! I love it!!!

Brent has today off (Good Friday) and right now he is taking a little nap with Aiden and its raining...perfect time to nap!!...the house is so quiet its kinda weird...but a nice weird lol. Sorry this is short and kinda pointless but I am going to enjoy this quietness...Ill post more when its chaotic again!!

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