April 15, 2009


Wow, has it really been five whole days since I last blogged?!? Sorry about that...I guess time got away from me this past week. It was Easter weekend and my nephews 2nd birthday so we were busy busy!!

I havent really made any cards lately..except for my Mothers Day cards which I cannot post here for obvious reasons haha. I dont want the cards to be ruined ;)

Aiden is doing well....like I had posted earlier he has TWO teeth coming in and let me tell you...
C R A N K Y galore...I want to pull my hair out lately with him...wait...he pulls my hair out for me now..so it all works out I guess.

It feels weird not having and pics or good stories to share..sorry this is boring and lame..but I get to talk about what I want so thanks for reading :)

Brent is ready to shoot me again....I have added another hobby to my hectic list of hobbies...this time its cake decorating. I went to Jo-Anns and signed up for Wilton 1 course...I am very excited to learn and take more classes!! They were having a class preview day and I got a discount on the class...it starts May 6th YAY!! I really want to learn and make Aidens birthday cakes..especially his first one! I of course had to go out and buy everything from scratch,but like the cashier and I agreed...it will save us $$$ in the long run bying all the tips, bags, books, colors and more!! HAHA

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