April 8, 2009

12 cards!!!??!!

Good Afternoon!

This might be a really short or long post...Aiden is napping right beside me so I cant really do much moving or its ALL over and trust me...Ive tried all morning for him to take this mini nap. He is now getting TWO teeth in...I can see them and feel them.

Here is another card that I have made for two of my friends and I also made an extra one for Etsy. I am having a great week at Etsy...In the past 8 days I have sold 12 cards!!!! I am very excited and this extra money helps since I am a SAHM and dont really have an income except when I work mondays.

my cards do have a little birthday stamp on the blue piece that seems so long lol. Tonight my friend is coming and having dinner with aiden and I. cant wait...im in the mood for some yummy food!!

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