March 3, 2009

Never take good health for granted....

Hello Everyone,

Warning, this will be a short post but hopefully I will add on more to it later or just create a brand new post. Aiden is not liking being by himself much this morning so my time is limited on here. I just wanted to post a picture of a card I made a couple of days ago..yes a couple of days ago....I have nothing newer to show.......The wonderful Flu bug hit our house BAD this past week......started with Aiden, then me, then the hubby...not fun!!! Thank goodness Grandma S was an angel and came up immediately after school to watch Aiden so hubby and I could sleep..well it got worse so she just deicded to take Aiden home.

Aiden did really well for being alone without mommy or daddy there and grandma S was excited because this "moment" made the baby memory book of being first time away from mommy and daddy overnight haha. But luckily I am feeling much better today..good thing too because its just me and Aiden now. So we are taking it easy today and tomorrow while we wait for the Direct tv guy (another story..later) okay well I plan on making some Easter cards tonight if Aiden takes a check back for more posts!!

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