February 25, 2009

Copic Certified!

Hello Everyone!

Yes you read that right....yours truly is now copic certified!!!! If you read my posts below, I was the Mardi Gras Contest winner!!! Brent, Aiden, and I drove (yuck) the 14 hours to New Orleans, with a 5 month old mind you, and then went to Gulf Shores afterwards.

Marianne is a wonderful person...her talent is amazing. I learned SO much in the Copic class and she made me even more excited to come home and use my markers....I thought I was excited enough, but let me tell you..I learned some great things in New Orleans and also met some wonderful paper crafters as well.

Aiden did fairly well....not too bad except now he is sick, as I am too...I am thinking its the lack of sleep, not being home, and ALL the driving we did...poor baby. He loved the beach, especially the sand and also LOVED all the Mardi Gras parades...the people on the floats loved him as well. I cant even begin to tell you how many beads and stuffed animals we got..so instead here is a quick photo..this isnt even all of them!!

Crazy isnt it....We had an amazing time and can now happily cross off New Orleans Mardi Gras off our Bucket List.

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