January 17, 2009

Sock Monkey

My weekend so far has been so much fun...well except that its the coldest its been here in forever!! Last night I had one of my best friends come over and watch Aiden so that Brent and I could go to a pacer game...they won YAY!! Even though I personally do not LOV LOVE LOVE the games (Id rather go scrapbook shopping haha) I still enjoyed going with him and knowing he loves it...PLUS the seats were great and they were F-R-E-E (thanks to hubbys employer)

I uploaded this cute sock monkey card to my Etsy site. I have so many cards to make its not even funny. One of my friends found out that shes preggo after trying for quite some time so I need to make her a card!

Well sorry this is a short and boring post but I need to wake Aiden up (hes STILL asleep) and feed him and start our mornings...post more soon!

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