January 21, 2009

New Card

Well I should really be in bed right about now, but I actually had a little bit of free time so I wanted to make a preggo/expecting card since one of my friends is pregnant!! How exciting! It seems like all of my friends are in that same stage...I was just ahead by 5 months haha ;)

So I decides to make her this......
She doesnt make cards but I know she will love this!! Maybe I can make her a pregnancy scrapbook?? How exciting!!
I had another great weekend. Brents mom watched Aiden so that me and him could go out just the two of us..which was nice. I had to work till 2 so we decided to go to a stamp store (he spoils me) and then a casino.........which wasnt so good like last time where I won big...we lost. Oh well it was so much fun!! Well I am needing to get off here and get some sleep. I also have a valentines day card to post, so be sure to check tomorrow night!!!

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