January 27, 2009

It was meant to be

Yes, see that punch above...some of you might remember this Martha Stewart punch from her Halloween line...well this is the Drippy Goo punch...and yes I saw plenty of them at Michaels and yes, we even sold a few where I worked and got a nice discount...BUT me being the way I am..decided I did not need that punch..thanks anyways and went on my merry way

BUT THEN.......

People started using it more and more and I fell in love with this silly punch so I went to get it....my work SOLD OUT!! Not a problem off to michaels I go (oh darn, right) well low and behold SOLD OUT!! So I logged onto handy ebay and the sucker is going for about 40dollars!!! $$$$$ Uh...no thanks

So I forgot about this cute little punch for a little bit and today (I only work on Mondays) I happened to be walking by our clearance area and guess what I see.....YES THE DRIPPY GOO PUNCH!!! I seriously did a double take, swung around, grabbed this punch and skipped to the counter where I bought it immediately where my boss is looking at me like I am an idiot.....some lady didnt WANT it...GASP!!!! Not want this punch??? Its all mine now ;)

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