January 14, 2009

On the right track....

Hey Everyone!!

Well sorry I havent posted in awhile...time flies with a 4 month old ( I feel like I keep saying this lol) but honestly it does. I am very proud of myself...I actually have been keeping up with my New Years Resolutions..have you?! Ok ok..I know its only been like 3 weeks since I made them BUT its record breaking for me..usually I have quit by now lol.

This morning I worked out for about 30 min with an old dance dvd workout I bought like in 2003...funny how much harder it is now ;)

When the hubby got home we ate dinner and then I walked on the treadmill and did weights and used the exercise ball. I feel so good about myself!! Hopefully this motivation lasts.

Another resolution of mine was to be more organized...especially in my scrap area and actually finish projects instead of always more and more. After reading all about the Gratitude Journal that alot of bloggers started last year...I decided I wanted to do one.....and I created one!! You see you finish ALL the pages so that you have somewhere to write on every week for every month for the rest of the year. If the pages are already done then you will be more than likely to keep up with it....I started mine :)

I also had the chance the other weekend to go out and get more of those handy rails to store more punches on!! I am so excited to fill it up...sadly my husband does not feel the same ;)

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