August 21, 2008

7lbs already!!!

Hello Again,

Told you I was in the card making mood! I am just making a ton of bday cards or thankyou cards because I know once Aiden gets scrapbooking and cardmaking time may be limited for awhile lol..but so worth it!!!!

Speaking of was my dr apt except my dr wasnt there so I just had it with a nurse who couldnt do I curious to see if I am dialated anymore!! Here is what we found out today.....
  • Aiden is already 7lbs!!!!! This is great!!!
  • I am measuring a bit larger on the ultrasound AND fundal height
  • I still have plenty of fluid around baby
  • I actually had a few contractions (SMALL ONES) show up on the NST...its always just a ___ line...well not today!!!!_---__
  • The ultrasound tech mentioned his hair again and I must tell you I am very scared every time she says this..I am thinking the harriest, darkest hair ever amazed me she actually was laughing and watching it "blow" in the fluid...Im scared haha!!!!
  • Next apt I will see my Dr again...maybe I can convince her to induce me??! Ha, good luck!!!

1 comment:

Delilah H. said...

Your cupcake card is too cute!
That's funny about your baby's hair. :) When my daughter was born she the first thing they said to me was "It's a redhead!". Hubby and I were blown away since neither of us has read hair! Still can't really figure it out. LOL.
I have a little boy due in December.
Good luck with your little boy!


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