August 1, 2008

2 new cards

Well I actually had some time to sit down and make a couple of cards...of course they are cards that I realy dont need at this time lol, but they were still fun to make. I love the 2nd card..the one with the robber..its actually a $1 stamp from Jo-Anns...I love it so much and of course I had to glitter the money bag with green glitter! The fortune cookie stamp was a little more than a dollar..try about 8 dollars haha but it was worth it as well.

I have been scrapbooking a page nearly everynight for the last week. It really helps and calms me down so that I am ready for bed at a decent hour. I cant really sleep comfortably anymore and I get by on naps taken throughout the day!!

Tomorrow is my last day of work until after the baby comes. I am really excited because I want to clean the house PERFECTLY once again and I have lots of good books calling my name and of course scrapbooking and making cards before Aiden gets here. However, it will be weird not having a paycheck again...but Brent says hes just fine with it since we dont really use my paychecks for bills or anything...just fun things or dinner or wii games lol.

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