July 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Well I just wanted to report real fast that my family/friend baby shower was yesterday July 19th. I dont have any real pics on my computer yet but I will scan them in soon! I had SO SO SO much fun. Alot of people showed up and we all had a wonderful time. My mom came up with great games, great prizes and we had really yummy food and cake :)

I couldnt have asked for better gifts either...I was getting really nervous because yes, I checked my online Target registry the night before the shower (c'mon you know you do it too!!) and only about 30% of the stuff had been boought. Which meant A.) No one was coming (my worst fear haha) or B.) No one was buying off the list.

However 80% of it was actually bought off the list and stupid target just messed up..so now I am very thankful because I was getting nervous that Brent and I would have to spend lots of $$$ that we need for other baby items on the list stuff.......we are very blessed and Aiden is already spolied :)

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