July 15, 2008

8 Weeks

Well I am officially down to 8 weeks before Aiden is "suppose" to arrive. Will he be early??? Will he be late??? I am actually starting to panic thinking about this and what I still have left to do lol.

Brent and I had the weekend off and it will filled with CLEANING!!! I mean we cleaned everywhere!! I am most proud of our closet..We are getting rid/donating/selling SO SO SO much of our clothes. I still had clothes that I wore in highschool...too short...too trendy and not really my size anymore. However, I am going to try to sell my clothes on ebay and Platos closet. I also have a friend coming by that wants alot of it. Of course for a good deal lol. All this $$$ will be going into the Aiden Fund......things I do not get at my baby shower (which is this sat, I am ready!!).
I also told work I didnt want to work in August and I would be back after the baby is here (not sure when or if I will be ready to go back, but whatever) I have mixed emotions on this. I LOVE not working but I miss not getting a paycheck. I just feel bad for Brent because its all up to him now which isnt a problem..I just feel "bad" about going and buying Wendys with that money now lol. I know that sounds crazy but I have always had a job and have always made some kind of $$$$, even if it was retail pay lol. Anyways...I gotta get laundry done and dinner started before the hubby comes home...maybe I will have some stamp time???

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