July 9, 2008

30 weeks

I cannot believe I am 3o weeks pregnant.......where has the time gone?!?!

I feel really blessed in this pregnancy mainly because everything has gone so well so far *knock on wood* I have just had a few "incidents" but they always turn out just fine and were flukes so I really cannot complain.

We had an ultrasound on Monday to make sure Aiden is growing mainly because I have not gained alot of weight during this pregnancy. He is doing just fine and already has hair according to the pics the ultrasound tech showed us! Isnt that amazing what they can see!!

Tonight is Brent and I's first birthing class. We are pretty excited but nervous because we have no clue what to expect lol. I have been so busy lately and we are both sick so I have been worn down pretty much ALL WEEK!!! Hopefully I will start posting pics again when I feel better. I have the baby shower thankyous done and the announcements..all we have to do is fill in the info when he arrives :) I even started on my Christmas Cards........well I better get off here and get ready for Brent to come home, eat dinner, and go to our class tonight......more later!

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