August 8, 2008

Mini Thankyou

The ladies at my work threw my a cute baby shower/scrapbooking crop. I wanted to give thanks to those that gave me gifts.. I had to make around 13 of I stuck with mini 3x3 cards and just paperclipped them to their mailboxes at work...hopefully everyone still checks their mailbox haha.

Speaking of baby...Aiden already weighs around 5 pounds or so. I had another ultrasound and a NST and everything came back hopefully things stay that way. I now go weekly and I am not looking forward to this lol...mainly because my apt lasted almost 3 hours because of everything that had to get done.......well from now on...they will all require the same thing (ultrasound, NST, see DR)......not looking forward to this!!

I also have been off work for almost a week (sunday will be a week) and although the time is nice....I am really starting to feel a little lazy lol. I have always been the person that is on the go go go but now I wake up after not sleeping at night and I am tired again by 3pm!!

Tonight I have quite a few things I want to get lets see how well I finish them lol
  • Clean our bathroom (hey its only one room..but its a start right haha)
  • make moms bday card
  • eat something for dinner to make Aiden and I happy
  • laundry
  • stamp inside xmas cards or scrapbook work shower...whatever I am feeling

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