June 8, 2008

You Scream....I scream......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp......when I first got it at Hobby Lobby..I had no idea what I could use it for but lately when I buy any stamps...I first think.........Will this be fun to color with my copics????? HAHA sad...but very true!!! I also put one on my Etsy Account for sale as well.

The weekend is over pretty much and what a weekend it was....We got so much rain (about 10 inches) and pretty much everything was FLOODED!! And then all the water went South and hit my hometown and where Brent and I's family all live....We were all VERY BLESSED as nothing got damadged or rain ruined...thankfully. However, it is suppose to rain again tomorrow..so keep Indiana in your thought and prayers...alot of people have lost everything due to tornados earlier this week and now flooding...

Tomorrow is also my 26 week dr apt and also my gluclose test...YUCK!! I think I am more worried about getting the orange drink down (I hate orange drinks) more so than actually getting my blood drawn and the results..so keep me in your prayers!! So far this pregnancy has been very healthy!! Well I am going to end this tonight and go finish making another card before my hubby gets home!!

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