June 5, 2008

Extra time....

I actually had some extra time tonight to sit down and make some cards. I bought this stamp at Hobby Lobby like 2 weeks ago and I am just now inking it up.......so sad I know!! I also flocked the little monkeys on it...so much and fun!! AND did you see what I used at the bottom.....YES I found myself one of those popular treading or threading (whatever lol) water punches by Fiskers. The neat thing......I found it at Flower Factory and there it was...the only one just sitting there!!! I got it for about 9 dollars with tax....gotta love Flower Factory!!!!!!

Today was very hott and it is making being pregnant very uncomfortable...especially when you have to work all day with a place that has the air conditioner that likes to shut off for over 1/2 the day lol...not pretty!!!! Havent really done much else with his room...hung some letters above his bed and they look cute!!!

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