December 19, 2007

Used Car Warranty

Hey Everyone,
How is your night going??! I plan on doing a few things tonight before my husband gets home from work, but right now I am currently surfing the net and I found another neat website. FinanceGenius is a neat place because they have organized and have helpful resources for MANY types of loans......actually several of what I use :) Car, student, and house, even credit I have alot of types of "loans" dont I. Anyways, I have not had the oppertunity to buy a BRAND new car JUST FOR ME...yes we have a new trailblazer but I share that with Brent.....So I currently have my '03 Aztek and I love how I have an extended used car warranty!! It has saved me SO SO SO much money on silly little things but also larger things that would have cost me more money out of my pocket than I could have handled. So this website has alot of neat information about the Used Car Warranty.

Anyways, check out the cool website and see how the website can help your or someone you know. Tonight I am doing a Copic marker and SU marker comparison for my mom and I will post the results check back!!

-This is a sponsored post-

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