December 20, 2007

Stampin Up and Copic Comparison

Well I am back for a mini blog again. This post is mainly for my mom but also for anyone else that wants to see the comparison real fast between Copic Ciao's and Stampin Up markers. I love both markers do not get me wrong.......


Lets talk about the pictures.
FIRST PIC- I did several Hero Arts Animal and one Stamping Bella Image (both are non wood mounted). All on the same paper to and same ink. This is just a quick pic of the images. Ones on the right are copics and ones on the left are SU.
SECOND PIC-Ignore the fact that the SU elephant is blue lol but I did not have a gray marker so I did the closest thing I could. This image does not look bad in both but in person the copic is alot "smoother" and blends alot better.
THIRD PIC- Bella images..I tried to use the same colors but couldnt find an exact match for the both of them. This is where you can really see the difference between the markers. Especially in the bellas apron and pants. SU you can see my "lines" where I started coloring and stopped (I used the same technique for both, small circles) The Copic sample is alot smoother and blended great! I also had an easier time with Bellas hair because the copics sort of spread out when you color them, sorta like absorbing on the paper and SU when you make a line of color, its just that..a doesnt spread out any. So it takes me alot longer when I color with the SU because of this.
Water based..I can color on the back of my stamps and they will be ok
Any kind of ink smearing
Cheaper so I can not stress about taking these to crops and worry about people stealing (sad but true...)
I have all that they make :)
they have a small bullet end and brush end (copic has brush and broad)
Match SU paper
They do leave little lines of where I color
Not too many color choices (copic has 144 just in the Ciaos and MUCH MORE in the other types)
I have to leave them sitting horizontal so both ends stay "wet"
I feel much more confident coloring these and showing off my blended work
LOTS of color choices in the colors (ie. skin tones and hair colors)
They can be either horizontal or vertical
have interchangeble tips and replacements
can be refilled for alot cheaper than buying new markers
can buy them in more than just one store (ie SU catalogue)
Brush point..coloring is ALOT faster
EXPENSIVE!!! It bums me out I dont have the "complete Ciao set just yet"
not a bullet point for SMALL areas
cannot color on the back of stamps
certain inks smear..I have to heat set my ink for it not to smear..a little time consuming after awhile
Overall opinion........
I LOVE both sets so much and I will never part with my SU markers. I really LOVE the copics though. Like I said work just looks so much more put together and blended, like I spent an hour just blending to get the "coloring lines out". I just do not like how much Brent had to pay for 72 count, but when I think about it my 48 count of SU were over a hundred dollars....If I had to only pick one and money was no object..then Copics!! I cannot wait to get the next set lol..I love how SU matches the paper though!! Hope this helps.........


Siobhan said...


Can you tell me what kind of stamp ink you are using? What about cardstock? I am having the issue of my black ink bleeding into the Copic light colors. I have tried heat setting and it is not working for me! Please share your secret!

Siobhan said...

BTW, Copics over a Tiffany necklace ANYTIME!! Good choice! :)

Stampmouse said...

thanks for the comaparison of the su and copic. I sooo want some copics

Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Hi - you might want to try to adjust your technique when using SU markers if you are trying to get the effect of Copics - without the Copics price tag.

If you use a aqua brush with the markers you won't get the streakiness, and you can get very subtle colouring if you touch the aqua painter brush to the tip of the SU marker and then apply that to your paper (instead of marker direct to paper).

Also you can use the blender pen sold by SU, to help blend the colours.

There are many techniques to achieve colouring - its out there if you surf around! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for writing this, it was quite helpful and showed me a ton


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