December 27, 2007

discount ink jet printer cartridges

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.....I will post later tonight about my Christmas but right now I wanted to share with you another neat websites....this one you can find discount ink jet printer cartridges

The website is really cool and has alot of online promo codes where you can buy ink for alot cheaper than you can off Ebay or stores like Walmart or Target! They also have tips to help save your ink...the link can be found here . My favorite tip was something called "swaying". This is where when your printer lets you know that your ink level is running low, you take the printer ink cartridge out and gently "rock it",. this helps evenly spread out any last remaining ink in the cartridge!! Pretty neat tips!

And they also have a page about trouble shooting printers.....which is a page I bookmarked lol. I am always "breaking" things especially the printer and internet!! lol...oh well this site helped me out and I hope it helps you out as well!

*This is a sponsored post*

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