December 15, 2007

Christmas Time is here........

Well I woke up to a little bit of snow here in Indiana. It is suppose to snow even more late tonight, so we will see what happens!! I love when it snows BUT only when I am at home, have no where to go and Brent is with me lol.

Tomorrow is our ladies only Christmas party with my family and then I have to rush back home to my work for our Christmas party/gift exchange.......(My gift to someone is grungeboard, stamps from the 1.00 area of Michaels, Starbucks gf and some candy)!! I hope the snow does not delay our parties :(

The card above was created for my husbands employees, very pretty and elegant!! Silver embossed on silver..its a beautiful combination and you wouldnt think so being the same colors..try it! You will like it :)

Well I am going to get off here and make some new cards to put on my
Etsy account. Speaking of the baby girl sold less than 24 hours of me putting it up for sale....makes me happy lol :)
Have a great night!!!

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