December 14, 2007

Payday loans

I know with Christmas coming people are spending more money than usual these days and I know sometimes the money seems to not be there for important things, like bills that can hurt your credit. I just wanted to share with you a trust worthy cash advance or payday loan website. Click here to learn more about Payday loans.

They even have a handy little calculator that all you do is plug in how much you need and they will even tell you how much you need to pay back and how much the finance charge will be, so at the end there is NO hidden cost or fees to you! Christmas has been quite a challenge for me to get all done because I havent been working TOO much with finals and I only get paid twice a month with my job and I am really bad about saving money hahah.

Well I have to get off here and head to work soon, I will try to fit in a card or too. By the way, Brent let me play with the Copic markers for like 15 min and I am IN LOVE!!!!! They really do look so much better than some of my other brands! I will have to post a comparison for you!!!

*This is a sponsored post*

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