December 13, 2007

New Baby Girl

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyones night is going well. Its a rainy night here where I live so I was in the mood to make a card since my husband is at work. Someone in my family just had a baby girl so I took some time to make a simple yet cute baby girl card. The neat thing about this card, the main BABY stamp is a Michaels dollar stamp lol, I just love using those cheap stamps..they are actually my favorite kind!! :)

I also made another similar card and put in my Esty Shop. Tomorrow I have another day off ( I am getting way to use to these days off here LOL) and my copic markers are SUPPOSE to be delivered tomorrow and I am off BUT brent wont let me open them to play...we'll work on that one lol. Well I need to get off here and finish some laundry before he gets home. Thanks for looking at the cards!

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