June 20, 2007

You might be a scrapbooker if........

So Sorry I have MIA lately....I just have been so busy and time is just flying by...its pretty scary actually. If this post seems rushed it is....my hubby gets off in like 5 min and it will only be 2pm!!!! We have the entire day to do something!!! If you know us and our lifestyle then this is completely abnormal ;)
These two pics are from a swap that I am in...its called you might be a scrapbooker if......... it was fun to make and I cannot wait to see what I get back :)
I havent really worked on too many cards except fathers day...and of course I forgot to scan them in........I am still scrapbooking alot...trying to catch up older dates and pics. And I am trying to get it caught up before my school starts in Aug again.....which will be here so fast!!!!!!!!!!

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