June 4, 2007


I just love doing Artist trading cards or also known as ATCS for short. These are the ones for the two lss that host the swaps. The first one is suppose to be moons..so I have a wolf howling at the moon...the moon has glossy accents on it and all the stars have glitter on them...and the next one is for vintage toys and childhood toys...i have my birth year on it and a barbie stamp...I use to LOVE barbies growing up.....so yah those are my new ones.
I am still scrapbooking away...I am almost caught up and its such a great feeling! I am just working on a springbreak theme now because I found the CUTEST papers and couldnt resist lol.......is that bad?!?
I also got to hang out with one of my best friends Jessica...we went to see the movie Knocked up...it was SOOOO funny!!!! It was really stupid funny..but I needed a non serious movie!! :)
Since my work sucks and have cut hours...I still have tomorrow off :)

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