June 30, 2007

Have a great weekend!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. I am posting that earlier because I do not think I have alot of time to post before the 4th.
Tonight Brent and I are going down to my parents and then my grandparents house to celebrate the 4th with a good cook out and homemade icecream........yummy!!! And then we are going to my grandparents to shoot off some fireworks.
And then the 2nd is my husbands bday so we have to celebrate that and then on the 3rd we are going to his parents house to celebrate his bday and the 4th and then brent and I are going downtown indy to watch the fireworks show there. Cant wait!!!!!!!!
Also the card up above is my dads bday card that I am giving him tonight. I ususally do Harley Davidson theme but I wanted to try something new so its a relaxful beach scene!!!

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