March 27, 2007

Which one...

Okay which one out of these 3 do you like the best????
A (there is glitter on the two diploma stickers and it is a cut when you open the card the actual diplomas are inside the card....
B (The midldle Congrats Grad is popdotted and I used a paper piercer and also glitter on diplomas)
C( Used ribbon on this one and also used vellum. There is a gemstone in the center of flower and glitter on some of the petals.)
I needed to make 3 cards for my work (mothers day and grad.) and I decided to use black and white because they all have to look "themed" and one gets to be in a contest with the other not sure which one I like HELP!! lol
Other than that today is my last day off *sad face* and tomorrow is back to work.....I have been taking it easy...I must have slept funny because one side of my lower back HURTS so bad and it hurts to sit in a chair and it sucks because I planned on scrapbooking and cardmaking...guess I will have to suck it up to get things done wont I....time for dinner!!!


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Thanh said...

Fantastic b/w cards Ash! Sorry I havent stopped by in awhile.


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