March 27, 2007

Im alive...

Well I am back to blogging again. Sorry for the lack of posts but my birthday was on the 25th and I had a four day weeked off and so did my husband (which NEVER happens!!)

Thankyou to everyone who sent my a birthday card or birthday wishes...I appreciate it so much!! I am feels like time is flying. I know Im still young but still.......

This is a card I made for one of my uncles whose birthday is on April 1st so I wanted to get it in the mail tomorrow morning. I love the Karen Foster stamps...they were so perfect to fit in the tiny area!! I also used my new spiral punch from the spring mini...I love this punch so much!!!

Well I am off tomorrow ALL day (my last day off) so I plan on making cards and start my wedding I havent started yet....bad me!!

Goodnight everyone!

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Carol said...

Hey Happy Birthday!!!! And sounds like you had a great time...and well birthdays are special and best enjoyed in the company of near and dear ones...and well for some more fun and goodies for birthdays just drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!


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