October 24, 2013

We miss summer

We sure do miss summer around here.  It went from nice weather to COLD almost instantly.
Sorry for the lack of blogging.  Life hasnt slowed down at all since we moved in.  House is still noway near where we want it to be as far as decorating and such but we will get there......
Here's some fast updates:
Aiden turned 5!  This year we were able to have his party at our new house!  He wanted a firetruck theme.


Went to Chuck E Cheese and Aiden hit some jackpots...I mean really?!  A 5 year old?

Tickets are just spewing out right now...not even an exaggeration LOL

Made a new wreath for the front door

Scrapbooked some

Grass grew!!!!

Aiden got a new playground and hes been in heaven!

I promise it wont be so long before I blog again!

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