June 10, 2011

Aiden 32 & 33 Months

WOW...this is Aidens 32 & 33 month updates. Is my BABY really going to be THREE in three months?!?! Can I go cry in the corner now?

You are becomming such a character! FULL OF PERSONALITY!!
The last picture really shows that :)
You are really starting to talk..in sentences now. Its amazing the things you say!
Some of my favorite phrases have been:
"Mom...I cant dance"..when I didnt have the music on in the car
"Aidens in the room! or Aidens in the house!"
"I cant do it" in a sad little voice
There is a cake bakery on a popular road and everytime we drive by it he shrieks "CAKES" since they have sample ones in the window
If you ask if he want anything..he says "Noooope, Im good"
He is also saying please and thankyou to everything...we love it and its so so so cute!
Going to start working on potty training annnny day now. He also LOVES his daily vitamin...he often requests it. Knows all his colors. Still wearing 3T although hes getting tall and skinnier so he probably could do 2T in shorts only.

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