March 3, 2011

Beach Banner

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the lack of posting. We have been SO busy here lately. I have been working so hard trying to keep up with my Etsy orders and on Tuesday I actually took a break and Mr. Aiden and I headed to my moms house for the day/evening.
Had a great time but as usual, I received 3 new orders LOL. And tonight I am going to meet a friend for a late dinner...then coming home to work on orders that have to get shipped out tomorrow morning.
(I have a hard time doing anything Etsy related during the day when its just me and Aiden and hes up and not napping.....I am a mom first thing and he gets all my attention besides doing daily things like picking up, laundry, etc)
Here is a custom banner I did to match their beach wedding/star fish design.

And here is a card that looks yummy enough to eat LOL.....the customer who bought this card purchased it for her daughters nursery!! Do you know how cool that makes you feel LOL

My next thing to work on is finishing up my big surprise project I have had in the works for the last year or so. Life happens so there have been some changes but still VERY exciting!!

Come back soon :)

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