February 11, 2011

I am back!!

Im back!
Whew, that was the longest I have gone in awhile without any internet or cable tv LOL. I think we were getting on each others nerves here at the rental house.
Yep..we moved in and slowly getting back to normal until we decide what we want to do. We have signed a 6 months lease so we have a little bit of time to think about it. We dont want to rush into a house or anything.
I have slowly opened my Etsy store back open and the custom orders have started flowing in again. Its very weird from going to working till 3am every night to catch up on orders for not having any for nearly 2 weeks. Dare I say I missed it!? LOL
Now that I am caught up I hope to be able to keep doing my personal things. I have missed important bdays because I had no access to crafty items to make a card :(
I also missed out on Aidens 28 and 29 month recaps so here they are combined. He is learning soo much it blows me away somedays!
Be sure to check back soon for more crafty projects I have done and my GCD feature not too long ago!

Aiden-28 & 29 Months

You keep growing and keep amazing me at how much you know. Some days I often wonder how did you learn some of the new things you say or do.
You are talking so much better these months. Constantly chatting and less gibbering. We still have those days when you really want something but I cannot understand you and we both get frustrated...but we are working on those days :)
You have adjusted very well to the new rental home, except you keep waking up at 4am exactly for the last 2 weeks.
Here are some little things I want to remember about these months:
  • Your newest words that you say all the time are: "oh mom" ( I love this..its so cute the way say it), stuck, broke, pink, poop, pretzel, and more!
  • Too many words to name, but they are so cute because you say them all the time now :)
  • You now scream mom, mom, mom, or dad, dad, dad when you are looking for us around the home.
  • Still love going outside
  • VERY picky picky eater...thank goodness for mac n cheese and chicken mcnuggets
  • newest obession is taking off your pants for some reason and wanting them back on.
  • No longer like washing your hair anymore.
  • Started pretending to talk on a cell phone alot now..its cute!
  • still obsessed with your Toy Story boots..never take them off except for naps and bed time
  • You need bigger tennis shoes
  • You do not like any clothing tags in your shirts. So note to myself, all your clothes without tags are a 3T ;)

Love you so much Aiden! Keep growing and learning new things!


Sara said...

Good Morning Ashley,

So glad that you are back with us! I just loved reading about your son! I love how you are keeping an online journal of all his firsts and probably some of the not so cool ones also! LOL! I can't wait to hear more from you in the future! Happy Sunday to you! Happy Creating! Sara

Rachel W K said...

I'm glad you made it through this first transition relatively smoothly! The pictures of your son are so amazing. I hope you will have those framed and placed around the house!


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