September 15, 2010

New Glasses and Cusom Orders

Hey Everyone!
Happy Hump Day! I am so ready for the weekend again. Since we had Aidens bday party last Saturday, an open house on Sunday and Monday I had to pick up my glasses...I felt like we really didnt have a weekend!
Open house didnt go so well. BUT it was scheduled for the FIRST real Colts game..which is HUGE when you live pretty close to downtown Indy lol. Maybe next time...
I also have been busy with my Etsy store. A sweet lady asked me to design some custom cards for her daughter at college and her sorority. Of course I had to do sounds like a fun challenge. The squirrel is their mascot and colors are red and yellow!
The acorns are glossy accented and shiny. Love custom orders!
I also finally got to pick my glasses back up (the first lenses had scratches on them) and guess what...there is more on the other lense they did not replace. It is driving me NUTS. Not to mention they are an hour away from me and I paid big bucks for these glasses. is what they look like, although I swear mine are darker and not really silver at all. I love the BLING on the sides. They are Tiffany & Co and I was so happy to see they made glasses and I fell in love with these!!!

Well I am needing to get off here and go to bed so I can keep up with Mr. Aiden (whos TWO now...I cant believe it). I also cant wait for survivor!!

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