August 4, 2010

Part 2 of Copic Tutorial-Sand

Hey Everyone
Here is the newest copic tutorial I did for The Stamping Boutique
You can still see part 1 HERE

Here is the image and how I left off from the last tutorial (coloring water). This time I am focusing on the sand part of the image. Gather up the colors you want for the sand. I decided to make the sand more brown and could pull in alot of different color familes to achieve the sandy look. I will be using colors : E51, E31, E33, E37, E57, E77. I also use a product called Mudd Puddles at the end as well for more detail.

Using the lightest color (E53..I know this seems odd since its a higher number, but it is the lightest one I am using out of the color choices) color the entire sand area.

Using E31 I wanted to start adding some shadows to the shells and sand toys in the sand.

Using E33, I just went over the entire sand area and did little dots of color. Just hold your marker upright and lightly press down. If you use too much pressure, the dots will expand as the ink soaks into the paper and become larger.

Repeat step 4 but with the colors E37 and E57.

Now it's time to blend and have the dots not stand out as much. I used E33 and colored over the area again. You could use a lighter brown for a lighter coverage.

I wanted to add back in those darker specks you see on a real beach, so I used E77 and did really small black dots randomly over the sand area to bring out the dots again.

STEP 8 (optional)
I really wanted the beack to appear as real life as I could so I used a product called Mudd Puddles. It comes in different colors and different textures. I used the type called Malibu and just put it on in different areas. It spread on so you can do a lot more coverage.

Here is a close-up of the Mudd Puddles!

There you go...
I hope you found this technique helpful. Next time I will be coloring in the rest of the image and making it into a card!!


Neeti said...

wow what a great affect on sand.. just looks like a real beach :)). Your tutorial are always helpful...
Hugs, Neeti

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your tutorial to be just what I needed. Thanks so much.


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