August 2, 2010

I-Rock Tool

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I didnt get a chance to post much this weekend..its been kinda hectic here with my grandfathers funeral and on Sunday we went to look at a house thats on the market.
The funeral was very nice and I know that he is in a much better's still sad though
Thank you grandma for watching Aiden for us..we appreciate it SO much (hope he didnt terrorize your house too much!)
Last week or so I was able to get the new scrapbook tool called the I-rock from Imaginisce and I couldnt wait to use it. It permantly fixes gems and studs to paper, fabric, ribbon, and more!

Here is a card I made using the I-rock
See those gems..they cannot be picked off like the adhesive gems I normally use.

Same card but with the adorable colored studs

Heres a video on how it works!

Have a great Monday!

1 comment:

Neeti said...

Your card is super cute Ashley... I love all the bright colors.. and the tutorial is as always very helpful :)
Thanks for sharing it.
Hugs, Neeti


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