August 18, 2010

Lunch Box Love Notes

Hey Everyone,
Wow...I am not sure what is up with me lately and not blogging. I promise I will try to do it more often like I use to lol.....I think alot of it is I hate blogging on here when I have no pictures to share and it has beeen super busy here lately.
On Saturday my mom and I went to Stampaway in Ohio and it was SO much fun!! We both got some awesome unique things. I cannot wait to share with you the techniques I picked up!! Plus..I am pretty sure North Woods has me hooked on their stamps since I have the next TWO years of Christmas cards ready to go Haha
I have also been busy planning Aidens birthday. It is a Backyardigans theme and the stuff if hard to find! The invitations are getting mailed out any day now......
My Etsy shop has been picking up and I have been making Lunch Box Love notes for my shop..these are for little kids to put in their lunches, sports bags, in their room hidden, etc.
Here is what they get

To read more about the sayings and what is done to them go here to see the details

Okay well hopefully I start blogging again more...things are kind of slowing down again!

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