July 9, 2010

Changes in room...

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday.

I have been so busy working on a project and spending alot of time with Brent and Aiden that I have not had too much time to sit down and create scrapbook pages and/or cards.

We did get to go to Ikea on Monday and I picked up "hopefully" the last few items I need for my scrapbook room. I also hope we get to finish my room..I am so happy with it! I know I did a video not too long ago and believe it or not but it has gotten almost 2,000 views on it (HOW FUN IS THAT!) but I have changed it quite a bit and added some things and even got rid of some things.

So be looking for a new video if I can convince Brent to help me this weekend. Although his sisters are coming in from Chicago and we are going to see them on Saturday.

Here is the OLD video if you want to watch it again before I release the new one and can see all the changes LOL!!

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