June 27, 2010

A stands for Aiden

Hey Everyone,

I am not sure what it is lately but I have felt super crafty lately. When I saw this project on another blog..I knew it was something I wanted to do for Aidens room. Something that hopefully he wants until hes a little older.

Its a crayon letter shadow box...check it out! (I promise to have cards again soon! lol)

On her blog she printed on the computer a letter that was big enough. I just used my cricut and hit fit to page....love my expression! So you take the letter and trace it onto your scrap paper and your good one cut to fit the shadow box. I know it seems like double work but trust me..you will want to set them out before you glue them down. Also, sometimes little scratches of color get on the practice one...

Take some crayons..I did name brand crayons since you will see some of the label. For Aidens name at almost 7" lettering I used 1 complete box and probably 6 out of a 2nd one. The rest he can have to add to his collection.

You will then want to decide how you want them to look. I wanted to switch between ends on mine. Take a craft knife and just roll the blade on them..do not saw it will cause the crayons to chip and break.

Here they are on my practice one...on your good paper make sure you erase the trace lines BEFORE you glue them down...its impossible to erase the lines without ripping up the crayon.
I glued mine down with a hot glue gun...be careful its very hot and it melts the crayon a little if you are not careful.

I also used my cricut and cut his name out.

Hang it on the wall!!

Its so cute in his room....Brent was surprised I finished it as fast as I did.
Speaking of Aiden..here is an adorable video before we went to see the community fireworks show. His first time with snap pops.

See you tomorrow!!

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Brandi said...

Awesome wall decor! :)


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