June 23, 2010

Im back!!

I am back!! Wow..it feels like I havent blogged in a long time. I took the weekend/Monday off.

I wanted to spend time with Aiden and Brent for Father's Day and make sure his weekend was special and me not being on the computer all weekend ;)

On Monday I also kinda threw him a surprise early bday party with the help of my mom and sister. It wasnt for family..just us. My mom was in on it so she could watch Aiden for us and we could have a day to ourselves (I took him to a casino..he loves going!) and my sister was in on it so pick up his surprise cake and pizza dinner.

We surprised him..his bday is on July 2nd and I feel like we never reall celebrate it with the 4th that same week.

(His mane has paper curled up to look 3d..not sure why it looks strange in pic lol)

I created this card for the challenge going on at the Blackleaf blog..check it out..you could win an entire set of jungle stamps!! How fun.

Okay well I am sorry to cut this short but my MIL has Aiden today so I get some FREE TIME..and I am not wasting it lol...


Tanvi Kapur said...

awwwwwwwww ashley...this ones adorable...love the little mane curled touch..sooo sweet..

Crystal said...

Ashley this is soooooooo sweet...I love this sentiment adorable!!!


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