June 16, 2010

Being Crafty

Hello Everyone,

I decided I would blog about the newest thing non-card I made. I am pretty much stalking our downstairs window because TWO Stampin Up boxes are supposed to be out for deliervy today!!

I know Aiden will not need this for a little bit but I remember having my own handmade tooth fairy pillow and I am all about creating traditions with Aiden..so I made hime one!

I found a template online and just sort of tweaked it a little to better fit the size and what I had in my mind. I created Aiden's with blue felt pieces and added a string so I could hang it off from the door or the closet and not risk waking him up!

I also created a personalized one for my nephew, Carson. I also did a few "girls" with pink felt for my Etsy shop.

There is a pocket on the back perfect for money, gc, check, or anything else....depends on how nice the tooth fairy is in our household ;)

The front mouth serves as a spot where Aiden can put his lost tooth.

I hope he likes it one day and knows I made it just for him! If you havent noticed I added a list of things I would love to make and do.

I will be back later with more cards! Have a great Wedneday..Friday is almost here!!

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