May 24, 2010

New Video!

Hey Everyone!!

I hope your weekend went well and Monday flew by. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our Mondays here in our family (Hubby is off!)

I really do not have much time to post tonight..I have tons to do before Aiden goes to bed. We are completely bottle free (have been for about 4 days now!!)

Aiden was only taking a bottle at night and not even a full 8oz most was a comfort help him fall asleep and we decided that we wanted it gone before his 2nd birthday. *Knock on wood* but it hasnt been too bad...just a few tears at night but Aiden threw them all away (which we recused and put away for next baby) so they could go to a little baby who needed them.

Here is another video of a dry erase tile memo board I have created for the upcoming craft fair! Enjoy!

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