May 10, 2010

Blessed-Mother's Day 2010

I had such a lovely Mother's Day (okay..actually all weekend I was treated extra nice lol)

On Saturday we went out to eat with Brents parents and we gave his mom his gifts. I made a handmade crazy quilt table runner for her adorned with beads and charm...and Aidens little handprint!! We also gave her a garden decor item.

I was showered with gifts that night...Aiden has SUCH GOOD taste Coach wallet and a separeate coin purse. I also got one of those birthstone babies!! I love it! And I love my boys

I had given my mom her gifts earlier in the week so I didnt get to see her on actual Mother's Day this year.

I am so lucky that this adorable, full of energy, spiky haired little boy made me a mom.
I seriously do not know what I would do without him in my fact its hard to remember what I did with my time and energy.

I was also given some time in my craft room where I have been working on items for the craft show I have coming up. If you are in the Indianapolis area on June should come!!

I also had some time to make a wedding card for a cousin of mine who is getting married next weekend. Although this card is NOT the one I made for her...her colors are different.

Okay well I am off to go and create more for the craft many little adorable projects to do!!

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