April 23, 2010

Were Back!

Were back home!! Sorry I havent had much time to post OR let you know that I was going away LOL.

Last week I was doing some laundry and Aiden was napping when I heard someone come in our door. At first I thought Aiden fell out of his crib but I then saw Brent..who was home from work very early. I was so excited he was home early!! He then went into my scrapbook room closet and pulled out our suitcases and told me to start packing. If you know me..you know I am a planner and list maker. I would have prepared for this trip 2 weeks ago LOL..he thought it was be great NOT to tell me and just surprise me...I was surprised!! I was in shock to get upset with him ;)

We were off to Florida for a 5 night stay in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo right at the ocean. WOW. I will never stay in hotels again if I have the choice of a condo (at least at the beach) It was amazing and we had SO much fun.

Here are just a few pics...

So much fun!! We did alot of fun stuff, so much stuff that I had to actually start journaling in the condo what we did so that when I go back to scrapbooking it I can remember LOL.

I wont bore you too much with all the details but remember I print this blog off into book form so I want to remember it

  • Aiden loving the sand but not so much the ocean..he would run away from the waves and back..so cute!
  • The weather was PERFECT. NO RAIN!! and I didnt get burned..I think that is a Fl first time moment for me LOL
  • We went to an aquarium and saw lots of fun shows, including a seal who break dances
  • Aiden did so well on this entire trip
  • I got a new Coach purse, wallet, and coin purse for great prices (my mothers day gift!!--doesnt Aiden have great taste ;) )
  • Finding Whataburger...best place ever! LOL
  • scrapbook stores!
  • tons more of memories were made!

Now that were back here...it feels COLD. Aiden got sick on the 13 hr drive back..it was bad. Brent and I were forced with do we keep driving or do we stop at a hotel where he probably wont sleep anyways...we made it home and he only threw up in the car that one time. I was scared. He handled the car ride very well!

Sorry no cards today..I am so behind on my Design Teams but I wouldnt have changed this family vacation for anything!!


Rhonda Miller said...

Ashley, it sounds like you had a great time. What a wonderful husband. Love all the pics, is that a real aligator?

Julie E said...

So glad you had such a fun time!!! Looks like a wonderful place to vist!

Scrappin Ashley said...

Thanks Girls..we had a blast..much needed vacation. NO that is not a real alligator...goodness I wouldnt even be that close to it LOL.


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