April 9, 2010

This post is for Sarah P.


This blog post is created for Sarah P. If you are interested in thankyous for YOUR shop..feel free to email me and inquire about custom work

Sarah---I figured this was an easier way since I have lots to show you and lots of little things to mention :)

All cards are handmade on the computer, than hand colored or hand stamped, and details were added for special touches. All of these are mock samples because you can change the mat colors or have some of each color. Also alot of the corners are rounded on both the white and color or just on one or the other. Or no corners can be rounded

This is a punch flower option that you can trade places with some of the designs below that I will mention. Can be punched in any color.

Option 1-
Prima Card
Has your tag line on this (I can change it to your email if you wish) and 3 paper primas. Each center has different type to show you what is available the orange is plain, middle has a clear dew drop (circle) and the green has a bling center.

As pricing goes, primas are sold around 4.00 for a large jar and the bling is sold with at least 100 on them (depends on size of course to how many you get). Dont panic with this prices..just to let you know the actual cost so far.

I can use any of the punched flowers shown above instead of primas and just use cardstock. Any color, all matching or all different. I can even punch them from glitter paper (additonal cost)

Option 2
This is the cheapest. Can be matted onto any color(s). Simple necklace design with a hint of glitter pen. Sometimes you have to turn it to the light to see the glitter. Necklace can be colored with any color(s). This sample doesnt have your tag line but your email for them to contact to you to buy more!!

Option 3-
Same design but with rounded corners on both and necklace features one large bling in the center. Has tagline on it. I could also just add plain glitter to it (stands out more than the pen sample)

Option 4-
These handstamped circles I did reminded me of beaded necklaces :)

Can be stamped in any color or just one of the designs. Two smaller ones have small gems and the center has one of the punch flowers. The smaller ones could go without gems reducing your cost or the center one could be gem as well instead of flower. You could even use one of those paper primas but again your cost will go up for supplies.

option 5-
Features a crackle background on orage mat. This time its a sun that has been glittered.

Option 6-
This is probably the most expensive option due to all gems. Necklace could be colored any color or colors. Only the white has rounded corners.

Option 7-
Cheaper version than above. Again any color of necklace and this time it is glitter instead of actual 3d bling. Email instead of tagline. This time is shows just the outer mat with rounded corners

Option 8-
Another sun image..this time it is shiny (it has glossy accents on it) and no corners rounded. Sun is yellow and there are 4 yellow gems. Cost could go down if no gems were added. This version has your email.

Okay Sarah..hope I didnt overwhelm you LOL.. but your line is so much fun to work with!! Like I said...I can change everything and switch stuff around. Colors are optional if you dont like any of these shown...I willl pick new ones. Just let me know be either email or facebook
Like I said...if you know how many you are wanting to start off with I can give you a price range for several of these or all of them.

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