April 11, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Have I mentioned how much I adore Sundays. I know I know..most people dread Sundays because Monday is always hard to face..and going back to work the next day.

However..Brent has Mondays off..so its always nice to have that extra day off together.

Today was/is SO nice out. Aiden loves being outside except...he fell AGAIN and his poor little knees are messed up..AGAIN.

I was able to work in the yard alittle and play with Aiden. I also was able to catch up on Etsy custom orders and a project I have been working on!

Last night was my nephews 3rd bday party and if you couldnt tell from my card below..it was a pirate theme.

That is the card I made for him. Handmade Treasure maps (here is m video I did along time ago on how to do this). I also pieced a few of Blackleaf's digi stamps together and put Carsons name on the bottle and inside the card in a larger bottle.
Muddpuddles is also looking like real sand on the card.
So we had a blast last night and Aiden did SO well last night and even hit the pinata once!
Hope everyone has a great Sunday evening!!

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