April 30, 2010

Friend-Aid Card

TGIF Everyone!! I love fridays except is today really the last day of April?!?! I feel like it just got here!!

Yesterday Aiden and I went to my moms and for the first time ever he actually took a nap..so it was ALOT of fun (its always fun...hes just somestimes not as fun haha) he woke up and was happy. My kid needs naps no question about it!

Today I have lots of errands to run..gotta go to Kohls because I wasnt thinking when I bought ONE family photo album and 2 days ago I got like 500 pics delivered to me. Did I really think this photo album would turn magical and stretch?! I dont think so......

We also need to get Aiden some diapers (hes going through them SO SO much faster it seems) Actually for his sake I will blame the diapers. You see the larger the size diapers the less you get in the box. Yah..thats our excuse LOL

Onto the card for the day: Here is a fun card I made with some digi images. This goes with Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge

Its such a bright card...really bright!
Okay well I am off to get some lunch ready for Mr. Aiden and I.

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