April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

Tomorro is actual Easter but we will be at my grandparents tomorrow and tonight is Brents familys celebration. Growing up I remember getting Easter Baskets and going to church for an egg hunt.

I want Aiden to have all those little memories...so todays post is going to be about Dying Easter Eggs (with an 18th month old LOL)

We are all ready...newspaper down...cups away from edge of paper, eggs ready

Aiden got really into it...before he started throwing the eggs :)

He is so proud of himself (TADAAA)
Our pretty work...note some do have stickers and some are cracked from Aiden throwing them into the carton. But they are pretty and we made videos and memories!
Notice...Mr. Grabby Hands ;)
These were so cute...for the .4 seconds they lasted!

Cant wait to show you his little Easter Basket...its kinda hard because hes in between ages and we dont really give him chocolate but I did get him a bunny...I had to!
We gotta get ready to go to Brents Parents house...sorry theres no card today but I will have plenty to show later

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