April 4, 2010

Easter Basket

Happy Easter Everyone!

I am not sure why my child looks mad in every photo of him lately. He loved his Easter basket. I wrapped everything and put it in his cute little basket. He got:

  • Gerber Snack Foods

  • Chocolate Bunny

  • Spot Easter Book

  • Brand new Thomas the Train wooden pieces for his table

I know it doesnt look like much...but those Thomas the Train wooden pieces are 2o.oo or more LOL. Hes spoiled already..trust me.

We then went to my grandmas where we had a nice dinner and then the kids had another egg hunt. Aiden got ALOT of goodies like candy, bubbles, books, bubble mower and more :)

We had a wonderful Easter...hope your family did as well. And Brent doesnt work Mondays so we have all day to recover from our busy weekend and spend more time together. He did so good last night at his other grandparents house. Lots of goodies in HUGE Easter Eggs!!

I promise I will upload cards again...probably tomorrow as I have a few to show you. I will show you the Easter Card I made for my cousin Katie and Aiden. They each had different colored brads though.

Have a great night everyone..time to go eat all the candy ;)

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