March 8, 2010

Where have I been?!

Where have I been?! It feels like its been forever since I last blogged...especially when somedays I blog more than once ;)

We have had such a busy weekend! First of all the weather here in Indiana has actually been alot nicer than most weekends lately. It was in the 50's and trust me..I needed it lol. Of course we had to get out

Friday Night: Ate out and went to michaels...I got me 2 of the scrapbooking t-shirts I mentioned in my last post. I got the hot pink one that says Scrap Queen with a crown and then I got the teal/blue one that says 100% certified scrapbooker...I felt I NEEDED this one since I am copic certified and all...Brent didnt seem to agree with my line of thinking ;) But he did use a 50% off coupon for me so I got them for like 5 bucks!

Saturday: My mom got here nice and early and we got to go to the Heirloom Stamp show downtown and we had a BLAST!! There were quite a few people there and I actually got to meet a wonderful reader of mine (HELLO THERE!) :)

I love makes my blogging seem really worthwhile when I know people enjoy my posts because honestly..I didnt think anyone read this except me and a few of my family members ;) SO thankyou!!

We got alot of stamps..I could have walked out with alot more...but none that I NEEDED to have..we were both very smart and even had $$$ for some Mcdonalds...actually MOM had money for mcdonalds for us! lol

I will post a pic or something on the goodies I got...who am I will probably be another video..its so much easier for me!

That night we went to Target and some flea markets

Sunday: Went to another flea market and just hung out at nice!

so...not much stamping except some new projects for some challenges at Blackleaf which I am very excited for! Also it is almost time for more new releases at Inktegrity as well! are some of my recent ones I did for Blackleaf and her new sets!

Butterfly digi stamp...I decorated one of those look alike altoid tins..perfect to hold candy :)

And I created another bright card with that Vintage Elements Chic digi set...this time I went for bright and modern!! Love the plaid background paper
Ok well its almost midnight and Brent has to go back to work tomorrow and I need to clean up a little...our little tornado really messed up this house this weekend (Mr. Aiden of course)
Have a great night

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